Ford Diesel Issues

Due to several complaints, I have been investigating problems with Ford fuel systems on any diesel truck manufactured since 2011 and purchased new. The same horror story is happening again and again: A newly purchased Ford craps out after less than 30,000 miles. Some lucky customers get to see a water in fuel “WIF” light illuminated about 30 seconds before the death of the new Ford; others do not. Ford then tells its customer that Ford will not make any repairs despite the warranty. Usually, Ford looks for some evidence of rust or other debris in the system. Then Ford blames either dirty fuel or operator error and claims the problem is not covered by its warranty. Ford’s warranty is NOT a bumper to bumper warranty despite what any dealership or seller may say. Ford’s warranty scheme is to exclude coverage for parts its knows to be defective. My clients’ problems focus on failures in the fuel system. In standard Ford fashion, Ford’s current warranty covers the “fuel system” but excludes the “fuel lines, fuel tank and frame mounted fuel conditioning module sometimes referred to as the frame mounted pump/filter/water separator.” This slippery scheme has been in place for some time. For instance, a large class action lawsuit targeted Ford’s fuel tanks in diesel trucks; the class action settled. See In Re Navistar 6.0L Diesel Engine Products Liability Litigation, No. 1:2011cv02496, 2013 WL 4556362 (N.D.Ill. 2013) and the settlement agreement. Additionally, Ford has been sued for another problematic fuel tank. There are allegations that Ford advised its employees to hide the fuel tank’s defect, and the case is ongoing. Coba v. Ford, 12-1622 (U.S.N.J. 2012) (not reported, but see here. Not surprisingly, Ford’s warranty does not cover the fuel tank for its diesel trucks. The rust and debris are not caused by bad fuel or operator error. There are problems with Ford’s fuel system that are causing these breakdowns. This video shows some of the failures. In fact, at least one company has already created a product in response to these issues. I have uncovered reports that GM is having similar problems with its fuel system, however GM’s warranty is currently covering these problems. Ford’s game is simple: defect and deny, which leaves you left in the dust with a pile of debt and a need for another vehicle. Don’t let them play this game with you. I can help. Just because Ford blames you or says your problem isn’t covered doesn’t mean that it’s true. Please contact me by phone 504.470.3232, fax 888.402.8927, or by email: for a free consultation.